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   Japanese Koi shop in Cheshire   

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Posted On: 29/Nov/2015
City, St ZIP: 1925950401, VA WA3 6DL  United Kingdom
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Quality Nishikigoi have expertise in Japanese koi for sale.we have Japanese koi live shop in Cheshire. We import Koi fish from Japan along with full carp koi varieties with koi carp dry goods.Quality Nishikigoi export Koi all over the world.We also offer a service of moving your own Koi if you have decided to move to a different part of the UK or a different country. Quality Nishikigoi can design and build a hassle free pond of any size.We will build the pond from start to finish in a quick and hassle free way, from arranging waste removal to housing your Koi while the project is being completed.

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