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   Tips on how to setup up backup and intall new hardware   

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Posted On: 24/Jan/2015
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It may sound like a rip-off, but these companies use advanced computer forensics systems that are wildly expensive in their own right and require deep technical expertise that you won`t find at the tech shop down the street. The best way to avoid finding yourself at the mercy of data-recovery services is to back up your PC often, using a cloud-based service such as BackBlaze, Mozy, or Trend Micro SafeSync. By frequently backing up to a remote service, you`ll always have a recent copy of all your data in a secure location. If your hard drive fails, your computer burns up in a fire, or someone runs off with your laptop, you can get every bit of data back all by yourself. Compared with the cost of professional data recovery, $60 a year for online backup is a bargain. Let us help you in getting the best ONLINE HELP & GUIDANCE at, use the DISCOUNT CODE (rkis@1234). (

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